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No matter how handsome he is, no matter how fiery the heat between them, Rhine will never be hers. Even the hero - especially the hero - doesn't escape her straight talk. Her savior, the devilishly handsome "white" businessman, is kind and attentive and nurses her back to health. Considering I'm reading a decidedly mid road histrom and can't quite make myself go back to this, I shall bail. This is what I love in HRs, a history lesson and a great love story. This book is definitely a slow burn. What a battle it was to do so, and maintain his secret.

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I forbid you to carry on with Celeste as you do. After being robbed, she decides to head out to San Francisco while depending on the kindness of strangers to get there because her sister won't give her a dime. They had an instant attraction that wasn't developed as the story went on and despite the racial gulf between them, the romance didn't feel like it had high enough stakes somehow? The book takes place post Civil War and my reading of the times and locations that Jenkins gets into reads to me as accurate. Here the visuals and perfecting a lighting technique took precedence over people and their history. Ward said she did not know who Shantaram was and is not sure how he came to know about her.

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She has a spine of steel, determine Beverly Jenkins is a Romancelandia legend. Layer the cabbage, broccoli and mangetout over the rice, followed by the radishes, edamame and avocado. I thought it [had already] happened [so] let me move on. The idea of someone passing as a different race is fraught with all sorts of dangers, but I think Jenkins did a good job of showing both the pros and cons of our hero passing for white. Eddy wasn't the only one with the dilemma; Rhine was engaged to woman from a powerful political family whom he needed to continue to push his agenda of gaining equality for the recently freed black people.
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