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How 'bout you shut up because your acting can't even compare to Will Smith's, I'm sure. I think Will is a really great actor, and Charlize and Peter Berg Wow Alex you really are hatting on this movie which looks hillarious and very entertaining Remington on Mar 21, Alex, this movie is ganna be the shit, and Will Smith plays in excellent movies.

Rant: Will Smith's Hancock Teaser Trailer

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I had to nag at him to put this up. I agree that the trailer looks like crap. I have Radio 3 on the whole time. Maybe the point of a comedy is to actually laugh! Actually this trailer made me laugh a couple of times

The Troubled Development of Hancock | Den of Geek

Will Smith, the king of the 4th of July weekend, is perhaps the biggest movie star in the world right now. Hopefully this does turn out to be worth the 7. I have to disagree with Alex. Justin on May 16, The movie looks great. While Berg's featurette is fun, it's unforgivable to not also let Smith or co-stars Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron veterans of comedy from "Arrested Development," among other things so much as comment on the film.
It's a trailer it is going to be cheap. Even the title surprisingly verges on appropriately suggestive Marsan plays bank robber Red, a role that was greatly diminished from its counterpart in Gilligan's script. A man is trapped in his car on a level crossing. I think this Hancock movie looks cool, Alex is overdoing it abit! Guys, it's a comedy, take it easy.
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