Milos, the island of Venus

Milos was the destination of the first known travel in the world in the open sea. Bold navigators 8000 years BC covered a distance of almost 100 NM and they reached Milos , where they discovered and took with them, a hard volcanic rock, called opsidianos.

The rich in minerals volcanic ground and the occupation with the excavation, the treatment and also the sale of these minerals, constituted the first source of wealth for the island and the residents until today.

Many small and big sandy beaches with many colours, marine caves and geomorphological forms of volcanic inspiration are responsible for the explosion of tourism in Milos . The history, the legends and the tradition are met with the extraordinary beauty of the island and they compose an ideal destination of relaxation and pleasure, able to satisfy even the most difficult taste. Leave your dreams free to emerge in the embrace of Venus and become one with the sun and the blue waters of the Aegean.

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